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Who we are

John Aspell has been working for over 30 years producing and designing unique and elegant jewellery. Making sure that each customer receives excellent service and incredible results.

Not only do we specialise in creating bespoke pieces, we also offer repairs, replating, engraving and remodelling of old jewellery. This is just a small number of services that we offer to you. You can find out the full range of our services by browsing our website. You are able to preview some items of our current stock and get an idea of what kind of pieces are available to you through Aspell & Company.

Located in a 15th cetury shop in Medieval Spon Street, Coventry. We deal with each customer on a one-to-one basis, meaning that we listen to your every request. Making sure that we understand exactly what you are looking for and we are able to meet these requirements. This enables us to create a piece of jewellery that is one of a kind.

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